Our Ambition

The aspirations of the Trust are to address all areas of under-performance across the individual schools and build on areas of strength; in particular the vision of the Trust is that by 2021, it will have substantially improved the educational outcomes at key stage 3. The improved outcomes will include a significant increase in the number of learners achieving English and mathematics at grade 4 or above at key stage 4. Other areas of improvement the Trust is looking to address include: Increasing the level of outstanding teaching, raising pupil confidence, ensuring differentiated interventions at all levels and ensuring support is in place for English for speakers of other languages. It will be critical that across the Trust an ethical culture is developed and all improvements will be driven in line with this.

All of this will be achieved by driving up individual ownership and accountability at all staffing levels, underpinned by a clear performance management system and an ongoing staff development programme.

The estate for the individual schools is of variable quality with some recent pockets of investment such as the £5.5 million secured from the expanding schools budget to develop a three-storey block at Hillcrest school and Community College. It will be mperative that future capital developments are backed by securing additional funding being made available from the Local Authority or Government agencies or by attracting public - private investment from commercial/employer sources. The capital strategy will form part of the 3-5 year strategic plan that will set out the blueprint for the Trust’s development. The Chief Executive of the Trust will help develop this plan via collaborative engagement with all stakeholders.

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