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Dudley Academies Trust appoints Board and Members

Sep 21 2017

The newly created Dudley Academies Trust (DAT) which brings together Castle High School, Hillcrest School and Community College, Holly Hall Academy and High Arcal School under the sponsorship of Dudley College of Technology, has confirmed the appointment of its first Board of Trustees. Drawing together expertise from across the educational, business and community sectors the DAT has brought together an eleven strong team to direct the Trust and work with the staff of the four schools to shape future success.

At the head of the Trustees is Lowell Williams who brings a wealth of educational experience and whose inspirational leadership of Dudley College has driven their Outstanding Ofsted rating. With an equally outstanding history of leadership Trustees Sir Mark Grundy and Suzanne Edwards will direct and oversee the performance of the four schools with the support of David Whatton, Thomas Westley and Martin Dudley, who each bring skills and knowledge from their successful business careers. The Trust will be supported by Andrew Comyn as Director of Finance, who will manage resources and oversee procurement.

Jo Higgins the Chief Executive Officer of the Trust will bring her recent experience of school leadership in West Yorkshire to the Board. Born in West Bromwich, Jo will be returning to her home region and is looking forward to helping improve the educational outcomes for young people in Dudley through her stewardship of the schools.

Nigel Ford, Steve Johnson and Megan Price form the remaining key members of the Board, each with successful careers in Estates Management, Educational Technology and Human Resources, respectively.

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