Who monitors the work of the DAT?

The Trust is accountable to a number of individuals and organisations. The DAT works to support the Senior Leadership teams within the partner schools, so that they can focus on providing the highest quality of experience for our students. Our Chief Executive, Jo Higgins, closely monitors the performance and activities and reports directly to the Board of Trustees, which reports to the Board of Members.

On an annual basis we have to submit our accounts to Companies House, along with a report on the work for that year. We have to report three times a year to the Department for Education (DfE). We report to our Trustees who make up the board of the DAT every half term (six times per year). We also have a Responsible Officer, appointed by the Trustees, who visits the Academy three times per year to check the finance of the Academy, and on top of this we also have an independent audit of the accounts twice per year.

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