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Dudley Academies Trust sees green shoots of transformation in GCSE results

Aug 23 2018

Dudley Academies Trust, Chief Executive: Jo Higgins has today praised students across the Trust, as they collected their GCSE results. Commenting on the performance of the four schools within the Trust:  High Arcal, Castle, Holly Hall and Hillcrest she said: “I’m satisfied that the provisional result are showing that we are moving in the right direction in terms of our transformational agenda. We still have a great deal to achieve but there are some positive signs such as a 10 % increase in  higher grades (9-7) in English and mathematics at Holly Hall Academy and a 10% increase overall in mathematics success at Hillcrest. Whilst there was a positive trend across the Academy, no general pattern emerged when it came to individual subjects in each of the four schools. At Castle and Holly Hall learners achieved a 100% pass rates in several subjects including French, whereas at High Arcal learners fared better in German and Drama than the other schools. At Holly Hall there was also a 100% pass rate in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, which was an improvement on last year and 21% of learners in that school achieved the Ebacc qualification which is marginally below the national average.”

Noting the performance of the Trust overall Jo Higgins said: “We have set hugely ambitious improvement targets for all of our schools, and in the limited amount of time the Trust has been in existence we are witnessing some green shoots of promise, which we can grow. I joined the Trust at the end of 2017 and I’m pleased that in just six months I’m witnessing modest progress. I’m convinced I will see an even bigger change next year as the Trust’s transformational agenda has the opportunity to take hold.”

Going further she said “We will continue to strive for improved outcomes across all performance measures, across all subjects and in all schools. With the changes we have put in place this year: including enhancing the staffing base and with the significant further investment planned I believe all of our academies will continue to improve at a pace, next year.”

In each of the four schools there were learners who achieved an exceptional set of exam results such as:

Faye-TinhYen Whitehouse (aged 16) at High Arcal who achieved  ten GCSE passes all at grades 9-7, Amelia Davis (aged 16) Holly Hall who achieved 10 GCSE passes all at grades 9-7,
And at Castle Academy top performing students: Kieron Moore, Molly Williams, Shreah Bargota, Laura Robinson collectively obtained a total of 39 GCSE’s all at top grades.

Amelia DaviesKieron Moore, Molly Williams, Shreah Bargota, Laura RobinsonFaye Tinh-Yen Whitehouse

One of the most significant indicators of a school’s success the Progress 8 score, which is the average of pupil scores, will be published later in the year (August) but early indications for the Trust is that this will be an improvement on previous years which demonstrates a positive move in the right direction in terms of learner success.

Celebrating the success of individual student achievements Jo Higgins said: “I’m delighted to see Dudley Academies Trust learners doing so well. We are committed to providing an exceptional educational experience for everyone.  Our plan is that each of our schools will be a good or outstanding school in five years’ time and I see no reason we won’t deliver on this.”

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