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Mar 05 2019

"Our Values Driven Expectations behaviour model is central to ensuring the highest of standards and creating an excellent climate for learning. When I visit our academies, I am delighted to see learners from all year groups enjoying their lessons and rising to the challenge of Dreaming Big. I am also so pleased to see how learners are co-operating and supporting each other in lessons."

"We are now just eight weeks away from the beginning of exams and our year 11 learners are showing a great sense of responsibility for their revision and progress. The Upgrade sessions at the end of the school day have been really well attended and learners are now doing extra time on the fantastic Century Artificial Intelligence Learning platform; they are using this for English, Mathematics and Science. We are challenging them to see who can demonstrate the highest level of effort and make the most progress. There will of course be rewards for these learners. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays the school day will be extended by another 45-minute lesson for all Year 11 learners, who will be using Century either in school or at home. We are determined that this year’s results are going to be a major advance on recent years and a reflection of our learners’ true potential."

Jo Higgins

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